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The Young Scientists are a select group of inquisitive young people, including many nature and animal lovers, who meet like-minded people at MaxCine and learn from our scientists. In return, our scientists get new ideas and other perspectives from them.


There is much to experience: Science, adventure, travel and new discoveries!

You can try yourself as a researcher, reporter or exhibition designer, as well as a blackbird ambassador and ICARUS ambassador in your countries and schools.


For example, the young researchers accompanied the "Blackbirds without borders" project in the South of France and helped with field work, tagging blackbirds with satellite transmitters.

We organize regular video conferences in which we exchange experiences, listen to presentations or talk about observations.

Be a part of it!

Are you motivated, independent and above all curious? We are looking for young researchers who would like to work with us on a long-term basis. 

If you are interested in the future of all living beings on our planet, if you have an obstinacy, creativity and enjoy discussing, then you have come to the right place.



One of the most beautiful and exciting times I remember with a smile was at the MaxCine camps!


Young Scientist Anna

Coming to the mill [MaxCine site] is like coming home. 

Young Scientist Victoria


Since I joined MaxCine I am aware of how many questions have not yet been explored and where the limit of our knowledge lies.

Young Scientist Anna

Send us your application with name, date of birth, contact and e-mail address and convince us why you should definitely be included. Your application can be as you see fit: for example, as a text, drawing, photo, film, comic, or the description of a project, a performance. There are no limits to your creativity. 

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